E-Cigarettes Not Safe Before or After Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey strongly recommends quitting smoking before undergoing any aesthetic procedure. Cigarettes slow recovery time, increase risks of infection and encourage irregular scarring that can forever mar your results. To eliminate these risks, quitting at least six weeks before your procedure is encouraged.

It may seem like a safe bet to assume that these risks are linked to the 4,000+ chemicals found in cigarette smoke, most of which are not present in e-cigarettes. However, it is nicotine itself that causes these problems, and a new study conducted by researchers at Mount Saini Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has found the e-cigarettes are just as harmful during plastic surgery recovery.

Nicotine constricts blood vessels. When blood vessels are constricted, oxygenated blood cannot quickly flow to the surgical site. One of the biggest risks posed by vasoconstriction is poor incision healing, but more serious medical complications can be caused by this process as well. In this latest study, it was found that eliminating all nicotine from the system was necessary to reduce these risks and complications, making it important that e-cigarettes be stopped as well as patches, gum, and any other product containing nicotine that may be used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes before you undergo plastic surgery. Your health and happiness may quite literally rely on it.

Healthy living plays a role in plastic surgery results. Our dedication to assisting patients in this is one of the things that distinguishes our Arizona plastic surgery practice from many others. When appropriate, we work directly with trusted and licensed nutritionists, physical trainers, and health experts to assist patients in preparing for their procedures. If assistance in quitting smoking or otherwise preparing for plastic surgery would be useful for you, we will gladly discuss these options during your initial consultation.

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