Questions about Abdominoplasty


Get all of you abdominoplasty questions answered by Phoenix cosmetic surgeon, Dr. CoreyWhat is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is another name for a tummy tuck. It is a body contouring procedure that improves the appearance of the belly.


What can an abdominoplasty correct?

Abdominoplasty is one of the most dramatic body contouring procedures available. During an abdominoplasty:

  • Excess skin is removed
  • Excess fat is removed
  • Abdominal muscles are tightened
  • A new shape is given to the belly button.

The result is a smoother, slimmer, tighter belly region.

Are you a candidate for abdominoplasty?

Why not just use liposuction to remove belly fat?

Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat in the belly region and may be a good procedure for some people. For many people, though, the problem is not just fat in the belly region. Excess skin and stretched abdominal muscles are more of a problem and will remain if liposuction is used to remove fat. Only an abdominoplasty can address all these concerns at once.

Does abdominoplasty remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are in the skin, so when skin is removed during an abdominoplasty, many stretch marks are, too. Others may be repositioned. Some may be unaffected, depending on their position. During your consultation, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John J. Corey can look at your stretch marks and help you understand what results you can expect.

Does abdominoplasty leave a scar?

All surgery leaves scars. However, an abdominoplasty scar is positioned as low as possible so as to be concealed by clothing, even most swimsuits (including bikinis!). You can see for yourself in our abdominoplasty before & after gallery.

Is abdominoplasty safe?

Yes, but abdominoplasty is not without risks. To reduce the risks associated with abdominoplasty, it is always recommended that you have the procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

What is recovery from abdominoplasty like?

Because abdominoplasty is a significant surgery, the recovery period is relatively long. You may need to take up to two weeks off from work, and up to six weeks off from strenuous activity. Discomfort may be significant, and may persist for several weeks. During each of your postoperative visits, we will evaluate your condition and clear you for returning to appropriate activities.

Most patients feel that the unequalled results that abdominoplasty can achieve are well worth the discomfort and recovery time. In fact, independent ratings by patients give abdominoplasty the highest approval rating of any plastic surgery procedure. And this is one of the many procedures where Dr. Corey relies heavily on his training in Brazil.

To learn more about abdominoplasty or to find out if you are a candidate, please contact Phoenix, Arizona plastic surgeon Dr. John J. Corey for a tummy tuck consultation today.  Proudly serving the areas of ScottsdalePhoenixGilbertChandlerMesa, Arizona.