How to Minimize Plastic Surgery Scars


young model wears swimsuit and white skirt being happyOne of the most common concerns about plastic surgery is the risk of scarring. If you’re excited to enhance your appearance, that worry shouldn’t stand in your way. At his Scottsdale practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey has worked with countless patients to achieve the look they want while keeping scars faint or unnoticeable.

Plastic Surgery Scarring Doesn’t Need to be Noticeable

With any surgery, there will be some scarring at the incision site. However, there are plenty of ways to promote healing and reduce visible scars. 

The following steps can help improve the appearance of plastic surgery scars:

  • Choose an experienced surgeon: An experienced surgeon like Dr. Corey can strategically hide incisions along the hairline, behind the ear, or in other concealed locations. When that’s not possible, a skilled surgeon is still more precise, resulting in less scar tissue. 
  • Limit physical activity during your recovery: While light walking is beneficial for healing, intense exercise can injure the site of the incision and slow recovery.
  • Avoid alcohol and unprotected sun exposure: Drinking and sun damage can prolong skin repair. Since alcohol causes dehydration, you might notice more itchiness around the incision. A sunburn can cause your scar to discolor. You can minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation by reducing sun exposure while you’re recovering.
  • Apply silicone sheets or gel: As you heal, new skin will grow over the incision site prompting your body to increase collagen production. This protein is great in moderation (think: anti-aging effects), but it can also contribute to scarring. Silicone sheets or gel can prevent moisture loss as your skin is healing and keep collagen at more normal levels.
  • Consider surgical scar revision: If you’re unhappy with the results of a past procedure, consider visiting a highly skilled provider like Dr. Corey for scar revision. Advanced techniques can reposition a scar so it’s less conspicuous. Because noticeable scarring is sometimes unavoidable, our practice also offers scar revision for previous patients at no charge until they get the results they want.

Get Incredible Results With Minimal Scarring

The recommendations above will promote healing, but scheduling with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Corey is the best way to reduce the risk of noticeable plastic surgery scars. If you’re interested in surgical scar revision or another cosmetic procedure, contact our Scottsdale, Arizona practice at 480-767-7700.