Implant Size and Cup Size


One of the most important decisions your and Dr. Corey will make prior to your Phoenix breast augmentation surgery is what size your breast implants will be. For many women, choosing an implant size seems simple. For example, you may currently have a B-cup, but feel you would like a D-cup. However, cup sizes are not an effective way to determine implant size. To determine the proper implant size for you, Dr. Corey will need to think outside of the cup, so to speak, and take other factors into consideration.

Determining Implant Size

The size of your breast implants depends less on what cup size you want and more on what your natural anatomy allows. Dr. Corey will look at things such as the size and shape of your ribcage and chest along with your natural amount of breast tissue. These things combined with other features such as hip width, waist size, and shoulder width can all impact the size of implant that will most enhance your frame.

It is helpful if you bring pictures of breasts you find attractive to your initial consultation. Dr. Corey may not be able to provide you identical results, but with visual aids and your expressed desires, he will be able to determine what breast augmentation options will best help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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