Running With Breast Implants


There are countless people in Phoenix who love to run. For these people, running is a way of life, and they can't consider any medical procedure that would interfere with it. So women who love to run but who are dissatisfied with the look, shape or feel of their breasts are worried about the breast augmentation procedure.

If you take your running seriously, anything that hinders your movement is unacceptable, and many women believe that breast augmentation would have exactly that effect. Dr. John J. Corey has performed thousands of breast augmentations, many of them on women who love to run or jog. And the good news is that your breast augmentation won't significantly interfere with your passion.

When choosing the size of the implant to be used in your breast augmentation, you should consider your hobbies and interests. Runners, specifically, should speak with Dr. Corey about the appropriate size for a patient who loves to jog. While breast implants will in no way prevent you from running, implants over a certain size might interfere with arm movement while running. And very large implants might cause back problems for a runner. Dr. Corey will be able to advise you on the right size for your breast augmentation.

Once you've undergone the breast augmentation procedure and recovered from it, you can go back to running without worries. You will be able to pursue your running passion without thinking about your breast augmentation.

The key is to wait until you've fully recovered. Excessive physical activity too soon after a breast augmentation can harm the sutures that close your incisions. Dr. Corey will give you specific instructions as to how long you must wait after your breast augmentation to resume running, but you can expect to wait a few weeks before running again.

If you have any breast augmentation questions, don't be afraid to ask Dr. Corey. He's happy to answer any questions and address any concerns.

If you live in the Phoenix area and you’re considering breast augmentation or any other sort of cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. John J. Corey and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today for more information.