Addressing Wrinkles with a Phoenix Facelift


Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey can use a facelift to address your jowls, jawline, neck and, when necessary, the edges of your brow. Through lifting the underlying muscles and tissue, and removing excess and unnecessary skin and fat, this procedure is often very effective at reducing or eliminating the appearance of wrinkles on the lower half of the face.

It is important to remember that a facelift cannot make a person of 50 look 18 again. What it can do is take up to ten years off of your appearance, reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and help you look and feel amazing.

The Best Procedure for You

Facelift surgery offers very specific benefits and is intended to address very specific concerns. If wrinkles alone are causing you discomfort, a less invasive technique may be better suited to meet your needs.

Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Corey offers a wide range of skin rejuvenation options that can be used to remove wrinkles and restore a soft and youthful appearance. During your initial consultation, Dr. Corey will listen to your concerns, assess your skin and facial structure, and help you determine what options are most ideal for you.

If you live in or around Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Arizona and would like to learn more about facial rejuvenation, please contact John J. Corey, MD to schedule an initial consultation today.