Tanning and Tummy Tuck Scars


Concealing a tummy tuck scarAfter a tummy tuck, you'll want to do all you can to get the best possible scar and there are certain steps that can definitely help. A fully mature scar will look flatter and lighter in color than it did right after surgery, but that full maturation can take close to a year. So what are some of the things you might do to help increase your chances of getting the most unnoticeable scar possible?

First, avoiding UV exposure where the incision is located is a big one. In general, tanning either naturally or in a tanning bed worsens the appearance of scars, especially if they are still healing. And scarring aside, we know that both have been linked to skin cancer, even more of a concern. You may want to reconsider tanning at all, but if you do tan, certainly make sure the scar area is concealed beneath clothing or your swimsuit, and remember, some sheer swimsuits can allow UV penetration so you may want to use a good sunscreen AND cover up!!!

Next, avoid stretching and irritating the area around your scar. Skin tension can spread a scar, making it much more visible, as can tight fitting clothing that rubs. Dr. Corey may suggest protective tape that can help reduce the effects of both.

 Dr. Corey is a big believer in scar reducing silicone gel which he recommends for reducing the appearance of your scars, using it up to 6 months to a year!

Dr. John J. Corey is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He not only has years of technical experience, he is also trained and experienced in Brazilian cosmetic techniques that enable him to customize your procedure to your figure. He shares your goal that the most flattering, beautiful results are achieved, and that scarring is as minimal as possible.

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