6 Questions Women Should Ask About Mommy Makeovers


Mother with her daughter on her back smiling and happy after a mommy makeoverIf you're excited about cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate your body post-baby, please read below for six common questions and their answers. Dr. John Corey is an experienced plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. He provides mommy makeovers to women who want to address stubborn fat, sagging skin and other physical changes caused by pregnancy.

1. How long should I wait to get a procedure after pregnancy?

You must wait a minimum of 6 months after giving birth to get a mommy makeover. During these 6 months, your body is still recovering from the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. It will be strong enough to undergo plastic surgery after this time has passed. Your body tissues will get a chance to heal during this time. Your hormones, skin and body fat will fluctuate as they return to normal. The best time to have surgery is once everything has stabilized.

2. Do I need to lose weight before a mommy makeover?

You may need to lose weight before a mommy makeover. It depends on whether you are currently overweight and by how many pounds. You need to be at a healthy, stable weight prior to mommy makeover. Although most patients lose around 7-10 lb. after surgery, the procedure itself is not a weight-loss method. The best results are obtained once you have reached or are very near your ideal body weight.

3. How will the recovery affect my parenting duties, job, chores, etc.?

You will need to take time off from work, chores, heavy lifting and stressful activities after a mommy makeover. The recovery timeline depends on which procedures you and Dr. Corey decide to include in your mommy makeover. You'll need to take 1-2 weeks off from work and chores. Someone will need to be available to help out around the house and to take care of the childcare duties for roughly one week. You won't be able to lift anything over 25 pounds for at least 6-7 weeks and it may be several months before getting back to a completely normal routine. Rely on our staff to provide you with thorough guidelines.

Am I a candidate?

4. When will the full effect of my results be apparent?

Each procedure's results manifest at different rates. In general, it'll take roughly 2-3 weeks to see the first expression of your results, which will continue to improve for up to 2-3 months. Very minor amounts of re-shaping and swelling reduction may extend for 6 months or longer, as your skin and tissues continue to “shrink wrap” in.

5. Which procedures are included in a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover includes just about any combination of procedures you choose, within certain parameters. Tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction is a common combination. The right procedure depends on the issues you would like to address, which may include:

  • "Muffin top" or "love handles"
  • Puffy, stretched-out skin on the abdomen
  •  Stretched abdominal muscles (specifically, a condition called diastasis recti)
  • Sagging, deflated and elongated breasts
  • Stubborn fat deposits on the thighs, belly, back, or elsewhere

Even when you work to lose the baby weight, you may find that certain physical changes cannot be addressed by diet, exercise or time. A mommy makeover is often the ideal way to correct these persistent problems of stubborn fat, deflated skin, etc.

6. What are my payment options?

The cost of a mommy makeover depends on several factors, including which procedures are chosen. We provide the cost estimate at the time of your consultation. We accept cash and credit card. If you are interested in financing, our staff will describe how you can apply for one of the plans available from Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Learn More About Mommy Makeover Candidacy, Cost and Results

If you are interested in rejuvenating certain aspects of your body following pregnancy and child-raising, please contact the practice of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John J. Corey at 480-767-7700. We are happy to arrange a one-on-one consultation for you at our Scottsdale, AZ practice. We'll also provide all the information we can over the phone when you contact us, but a consultation with Dr. Corey is needed for you to find out if you're a good candidate and what will be involved.