When A Breast Revision is Necessary


Breast implant revision surgery Scottsdale

Breast implants do not last forever. At some point, most women require or elect a breast implant revision. There are three main reasons why:

  • Breast changes. Unfortunately, breast implants can't stop the effects of time! Over the years, your breast tissues may begin to sag and droop, although the drooping may be less noticeable because of your breast implants. Many women decide to replace their breast implants with slightly larger ones in order to fill out tissue that has become a bit loose and give a firmer shape given the effects of time and gravity.
  • Breast implant changes. Breast implants are susceptible to rupturing over time. When a saline implant ruptures, the fluid will leak out harmlessly and will be absorbed by your body and your breast will look completely deflated and very easy to see. A silicone rupture is not obvious, which is why regular MRIs are recommended for women with silicone implants. A revision is necessary when rupture occurs.
  • Capsule problems. After implant placement, your body naturally forms a capsule of your own scar tissue around the breast implant. This capsule should be relatively soft and flexible. When it hardens – a condition known as capsular contracture a procedure to loosen or even remove the capsule may be needed. This may require replacement of the implant as well. Another type of capsule problem known as malposition, is caused when the capsule forms in such a way that the implant is held in an undesirable position.

Additionally, many women choose breast implant revision because they want to change the size, shape or type of implant. For example, you may prefer to increase or decrease the size at some point, or change from saline to silicone breast implants. It is common for women, over time, to desire a change in their look, and this can be addressed with implant revision.

What To Do Next

If you are considering revision, seek out a surgeon with a certain set of skills and experience. Many plastic surgeons won't perform revisions if they didn't place the original implants. Dr. John Corey is an experienced breast surgeon who has completed thousands of revisions over the years, giving him a distinct advantage. In implant revision surgery, as with any field of medicine, first making the correct diagnosis leads to a much higher rate of success!

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