Can You Exercise with Breast Implants?


Breast implantsBreast implants are some of the most well-known and popular cosmetic procedures performed. However, even with its popularity, there are some common questions and concerns that arise when considering breast implants. One of the most common questions is how breast implants will affect you physically and if you’ll still be able to exercise. The simple answer is that yes, you can exercise with breast implants. However, any exercise or strenuous activity needs to wait until the recovery process is complete. Let’s take a closer look at exercising with breast implants and the importance of waiting until fully recovered.

Exercising With Breast Implants

While you can still exercise with breast implants, it is important to wait at least 3-4 weeks before resuming any kind of workout. It will take even longer before you are able to engage in heavy weight lifting. This is because your body needs to fully recover to avoid complications. However, It is recommended to take walks and do very light cardio at most. You will need to avoid any type of stretching, reaching or bouncing. For the first little while after your surgery, exercise will feel a bit strange and we recommend a well-fitting sports bra to compress your chest.

Why Can’t I Exercise While Recovering?

There is a chance that exercising while recovering from breast implants won’t cause any issues at all. However, the chance of developing serious complications is far too large to ignore. It is best to give your body the best chance to recover for optimal results, especially for the first three weeks. Working out too early could cause the breast implant to shift and cause asymmetry issues or worse, bleeding around your implant which may result in emergency surgery. Your skin is also healing from the surgery and needs time to recover. Strenuous exercise could cause sutures to pull apart causing poor scar healing.

Staying Safe While You Recover

The recovery process is essential to achieving amazing results from a breast implant. That’s why Dr. John J. Corey will walk you through every step of the recovery process and ensure you have all the resources you need to make the most of your breast implant procedure. Dr. Corey is proud to provide his patients with all the tools necessary for success and would be happy to speak to you about your procedure. If you’re considering breast implants, contact Dr. Corey’s office at 480-767-7700 today.