Dr. Corey Inducted Into RealSelf Hall of Fame


RealSelf Hall of Fame badge for Dr. John CoreyWe are proud to announce that Dr. John Corey has been inducted into the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame! This inclusion was bestowed upon just 1,045 doctors nationwide. All inductees have received at least one RealSelf Top 100 or 500 award for their commitment to patient education. Dr. Corey is a Top RealSelf doctor because of his reviews and the answers he provides to the RealSelf community. These Top 100 and 500 awards mean Dr. Corey is one of the highest-rated and most active board-certified doctors on the platform.

The RealSelf 100 and 500 awards are being retired. For the past eight years, these awards recognized doctors like Dr. Corey who have provided valuable and credible insights to the people who use RealSelf. Those doctors have now been added to the Hall of Fame.

The 100 & 500 awards were based on three factors:

  • Earning patient reviews
  • Answering consumer questions
  • Sharing before and after photos

Dr. Corey is passionate about informing patients of their cosmetic options. He is dedicated to providing valuable insights and answers to patient questions as they decide whether plastic surgery is right for them.

We're honored that Dr. Corey is included in the Top Doctor Hall of Fame. If you'd like to schedule a consultation with him at our Scottsdale office, please call 480-767-7700.