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Does Breast Implant Shape Matter?

Does breast implant shape make a difference in the final appearance of your breast augmentation procedure? Yes, but perhaps not as much as the skill of the plastic surgeon you choose to work with. According to a recent study published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery®, the official online journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast implant shape may not play as large a role in final results as once thought.

Quick Topic Today-When can I work out after breast augmentation surgery?

When can I work out after breast augmentation surgery?


At about two weeks post op, you will begin to feel like your old self. Stationary bike and certainly light walking (which can be resumed earlier) are permitted. No bouncing for at the bare minimum for at least six weeks. We will tell you no lifting anything over 10 pounds for at least 4-6 weeks and no chest exercises (push ups, chest flys, etc.) for at least three months.


Quick Topic Today- Breast augmentation

How long is the recovery from breast augmentation?


Most of our patients can return to work after breast augmentation surgery at about five days post op. Some like to take a whole week off from work and rest and recuperate. Patients usually report being most uncomfortable at day 2-3, with pain subsiding after and getting better from there.


Quick Topic Today- Breast augmentation

Quick Topic Today- Breast augmentation

What is the difference in breast implant brands?


Breast implants today are made extremely safe and very durable. Competing brands offer mostly the same choices in actual materials used, shaped implants and projection. Most breast implants are filled with either saline fluid or have some sort of cohesive gel fill.  Others are highly cohesive and/ or shaped.


Capsular Contracture Questions

What is Capsular Contracture?

First of all, what is a capsule? A capsule is an envelope of scar tissue that your body makes around any object that it knows is not itself. This could be a heart pacemaker, a bullet, or a breast implant. It is a natural protection mechanism and all women with implants develop this. Contracture is when that envelope of scar tissue becomes unacceptably hard. This can be painful, misshapen and obvious even with something as simple as a hug.

What causes Capsular Contracture?

Choosing the Right Implant is a Simple 3-step Process!

Choosing the right implant is a simple 3-step process!

The hardest part a Breast Augmentation isn’t whether or not to do the surgery or not, but rather, what implant size to choose! Often times we find that patients get stumped at this point in the process.

To help make it easier…Doctor Corey has narrowed it down to an easy 1-2-3 Process.

First Step: Guessing

Mastopexy with Implants

Mastopexy, also known as breast lift surgery, can have a significant impact on the appearance of your chest. By lifting sagging tissue and removing unnecessary skin, Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey can help produce a firm and youthful look to the bust. However, this procedure can also reduce overall breast volume and may even result in the reduction of a full cup-size after recovery. For this and other reasons, many women choose to combine mastopexy with breast implants.


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