Mini Tummy Tuck in Scottsdale


For many residents of Scottsdale, their abdominal region is a point of annoyance. Even patients who eat healthy and exercise can find themselves with stubborn fat deposits, stretched abdominal muscles, loose skin and stretch marks. For these men and women, a tummy tuck is often a solid solution to their problems.

Other patients, however, have similar but less severe complaints. For these patients, a full tummy tuck is not necessary or desirable. Many instead opt for the mini tummy tuck. This is popular with patients who have small flaps of skin that hang over their stomachs, but who don’t suffer from the full range of complaints that a traditional tummy tuck addresses. Many patients don't know whether they need the full tummy tuck, and Dr. John J. Corey is more than capable of giving you the tummy tuck procedure that is right for you. He can also answer any tummy tuck questions you might have.

Difference Between Procedures

Dr. Corey generally recommends a full tummy tuck for patients suffering from the list of complaints above. If you have some stubborn fat deposits, loose skin, stretch marks and stretched abdominal muscles, you might be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

However, many patients, especially women who have undergone a C-section, don’t have that full litany of issues. They merely want to eliminate an unsightly flap of skin along the lower abdomen. The mini tummy tuck might be right for them.

In the mini tummy tuck, no incision is made along the navel and nothing is done to the upper abdomen. Furthermore, Dr. Corey will not alter the muscles of the upper abdomen in a mini tummy tuck. The scar is not quite as long, and recovery time is usually a little shorter than with the traditional tummy tuck procedure.

If you live in the Scottsdale area and you’re considering a tummy tuck or any other sort of cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. John J. Corey and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today for more information.