Plastic Surgery Pre-Operative Questions


How you prepare for your plastic surgery procedure will have a direct impact on your comfort and safety during and after treatment. Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey is pleased to offer answers to some of the most commonly asked pre-op questions. Any specific questions you may have can be addressed in detail during your initial consultation or by calling our office at (480)767-7700.

What is a board certified plastic surgeon?

A board-certified plastic surgeon is someone who has met the requirements of the American Board of Plastic Surgery which include additional training and residencies focused on aesthetic procedures, the passing of written and oral exams, and having surgical results approved by a panel of board-certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Corey is a board-certified plastic surgeon.

What is the right age for plastic surgery?

There is no upper age limit. When it is right for you to have a procedure is entirely personal and should be based on your unique needs and desires.

If you have specific questions regarding pre-operative preparation for your plastic surgery procedure, please contact John J. Corey, MD online or by calling our office at (480)767-7700.

What factors impact the success of surgery?

Your general health, your body’s natural healing ability, and similar individual factors will impact the success of your procedure. So too will your willingness to follow Dr. Corey’s pre and postoperative instructions.

Is plastic surgery safe?

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with plastic surgery. During your initial consultation with Dr. Corey these risks, and ways you can help reduce them, will be discussed in greater detail.

Am I an appropriate candidate?

The best way to learn if you are a good candidate for a plastic surgery procedure is to meet with Dr. Corey for a confidential and informative one-on-one consultation.

What is the risk of infection?

Risks of infection are greatly reduced by choosing a plastic surgeon who performs procedures in accredited surgical facilities. You can further reduce risks by following all of Dr. Corey’s pre and postoperative instructions.

How do I pay for my surgery?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. We also offer through Prosper Healthcare Lending, which can be applied for online.

Can I continue to take medications?

That depends. You will need to provide Dr. Corey with a list of all medications, supplements, and herbs you are taking. He will help you determine which are safe to continue and which need to be avoided prior to your surgery.

Do I need to quit smoking?

Yes. Smoking impacts healing and can even complicate surgery. If you smoke, Dr. Corey suggests quitting at least six weeks in advance of your procedure and for 4 weeks following.

How do I prepare for surgery?

Surgical preparation may require discontinuing certain medications and making other lifestyle adjustments. This is an individual undertaking and will need to be based on your specific needs. Dr. Corey will instruct you how best to prepare during your surgical planning phase.

How can I best prepare my home for post-operative recovery?

It is important that you create a comfortable space where you can recover. You may wish to stock this space with books, magazines, and movies to help make resting more pleasurable. Be sure to fill all prescriptions from Dr. Corey before your surgery and to have them easily accessible during your recovery period.

It is also a good idea to arrange for help from a friend or relative for the first few days following surgery, particularly for more involved procedures such as tummy tuck or mommy makeover.

If you have specific questions regarding pre-operative preparation for your plastic surgery procedure, please contact John J. Corey, MD online or by calling our office at (480) 767-7700.