Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeon Reviews


Wonderful experience! The moment I met Dr Corey he was the perfect Surgeon for me. He has incredible bedside manner and makes you feel so comfortable from the start. The entire staff works as an amazing team tending to all your needs. I had the full mommy makover about a week ago aka breast lift, augmentation and tummy tuck. Just had my first post op appt and am amazed by my results. I'm one happy mom of three who feels absolutely amazing. Big Thank You, to Dr Corey and staff.
Mommy Makeover - Scottsdale

This review is written with the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. John J. Corey, Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Corey’s personality is one of great professionalism, compassion, joy expressed with what he can do to help others, great follow up care and offers to his patients regarding many types of procedures.  The finest quality and help for me (which truly changed my self-esteem and life) was my breast lift augmentation with implants.  


I was recommended to him by another doctor who was going to see him for breast augmentation, and she had done a huge amount of research for the BEST SURGEON for her.  My trust in her research led me to Doctor John J. Coreywho (in my opinion) is truly a sculptor/artist and scar expert.


My first visit (consultation) was so embarrassing for me having been ill and weighing about 100 pounds, but getting better.  My breasts were once a droopy C (like pancakes), then down to an A cup with nipples pointing downward at consult.   I had rib bones showing, but he had so much compassion for me and a plan.  He spent quality time with me discussing what he would do relative to my very broad shoulder width and my normal weight of 118 lbs.  He knew exactly what size would be best for me.  He explained in great detail the “lift” procedure, which would require removing my nipples, and a line scar around the nipples, one straight under my nipples and one hidden beneath my breasts for the implants after much skin was removed (I had been a double D with two pregnancies).


Doctor Corey and his incredible staff were so attentive to me.  I was told how to care for my new breasts and how to treat the scars.  I followed all instructions using his scar gel brand for three months then I purchased Bio Oil (drug store).  I must confess I used the oil for nine more months (longer than I needed to) after every shower when my skin was damp and “open” from the hot water to take in the oil.  My scarring around the nipples and the “line” down is almost unnoticeable.  Girl-to-girl, I have to say that my breasts are admired by my friends and noticed.  I feel whole again as a woman because of Dr. Corey.  I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me.  I refer anyone who asks about my breasts looking so good at 54 years of age to Dr. John J. Corey.  


In the end when we shared my last post-op, I cried while thanking him for what he gave back to me.  And I saw a little tear in his eye.   A man of true compassion.  


I also see Jennifer, in his office who is an expert esthetician with Botox, Juviderm, Voluma and facial procedures of many types.  The pricing is spot on, and The Brilliant Distinctions membership offered for free (earning points for purchases towards later procedures) is wonderful.   Sometimes, there are specials too in pricing for different products.  It’s good to stay connected to his sites like Twitter, etc. for what might be offered at different times.  He carries special skin care products, Latisse (for longer eye lashes) and many other products (all taken care of by staff, especially Jennifer).  She takes her time and is quite a perfectionist!


Diane - Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. You made me feel so comfortable by listening to my concerns. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Corey. Dr Corey and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, caring professional and patient.

Tatiyana – Scottsdale, AZ

I just wanted to send a short word of thanks to Dr. Corey. His work is breathtaking. My girlfriend had breast augmentation several years ago. She refers to the work as “the best money she ever spent” and I couldn’t agree more. The results are magnificent; I can’t even imagine better proportioned or shapelier breasts.


I am thrilled with my results! I can’t believe this is actually my body!

Alisha – Chandler, AZ

I’ll have to post a warning sign for the neighbors in my condo because I feel like running around naked every chance I get. Don’t worry… I’ll wear clothes in public… but the smile is permanent!

Trish – Scottsdale, AZ

Having this surgery has been a life changing and enriching experience for me. The transformation has been so dramatic that it is difficult to put into words, except to say that I feel like a butterfly that has just emerged from its cocoon. I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear since before my three children were born and I honestly feel my tummy looks better now than it did in my twenties. I am so grateful for the incredible results from my surgeries with Dr. Corey. He is a skilled and masterful surgeon with an artistic eye. I know I made the right choice when I selected Dr. Corey for my ‘mommy makeover’.

Kelly – Mesa, AZ

I would highly recommend Dr. Corey for any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures! He is a perfectionist, and has the best bedside manner!

Melissa - Salt Lake City, UT

I can't tell you how happy and pleased I am with my new body! When I was in the hospital, one of the nurses mentioned that you are very good at what you do an you are an artist. It's so true, being an artist is not all about color palettes or brushes. You are amazing  at what you do and I just can't wait to see myself in three months!! The whole experience was totally different from what I've expected. Your expertise, your office staff and the hospital staff were fantastic and I am very appreciative.


I had your web address in my Favorites for two years and once in a while I would go to pages on the site and look at before and after pictures. Going through this surgery was a big deal to me and I had a difficult time trusting surgeon to perform it on me. Thank you for delivering the promise of beautiful results.

AJ – Sedona