For many women, having enough support to your breasts to hold your breast implants up where you want them may be a big challenge, even with a breast lift. Now there is help. A company called “LifeCell” has developed a material that is designed to give coverage and support to women in need.

It is called Strattice, and it is Acellular Dermal Matrix from the porcine model. The company has developed a technique that preserves the cellular framework of the tissue sling, but having all the cellular elements removed, thereby being immunologically neutral. I tell my patients to think of it like an office building where all the things that are human are removed (pictures in a cubicle, purse behind the desk etc.) and the framework of the building stays behind. Then on cue, newer tissue elements move into the area and fill that framework up with all that is unique to you.

This tissue sling can be used to help correct a variety of issues. Breast implants may need support, almost like a hammock, at the bottom to help hold an implant up and supported. There may be a need to simply give more tissue coverage in order to hide the implant from the outside world. Some women have their implants too close together, or even touching (symmastia), and Strattice can act as an anchor as well. And even in a breast lift (mastopexy-augmentation), if a woman wants to be a full cup size, like a D, then there will not be enough space under the muscle to fit an implant of that size. The muscle will have to be released at the bottom and when that is done, the support is lost, and the implant can fall. When this happens, patients lose the fullness at the top, which is the reason so many have the procedure in the first place, and their implants drop or bottom out. In this case of breast lift, I go right to Strattice to give that supportive sling that is missing in the patient’s native breast tissue.

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