GalaFLEX 3DR Breast Lift Scaffold in Scottsdale, AZ


For many women, having enough support to hold their breast implants up where they want them may be a big challenge, even with a breast lift. Now, there is help. A company called “Galatea” has developed a material that is designed to give structure and support to women in need.

It is called GalaFLEX 3DR™, and it is a bioresorbable scaffold for soft tissue . The company has developed this support from the biologically derived poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB). This monofilament scaffold naturally bioabsorbs over time through hydrolysis and yet leaves behind a supportive structure stonger than the body's own natural tissue. Along with this unique material, GalaFLEX 3DR also comes available in a shape pre-formed to the contour of the breast and implant, almost like a hammock, yet with a very structured rim of support along it's edge.

This scaffold can be used to help correct a variety of issues. Breast implants may have dropped over time and now need something to help support the implant at the bottom hold it back uphill...again think like a "hammock". In other cases, some women have their implants too close together or even touching (symmastia), and GalaFLEX 3DR can act as a buffer or separator as well. And even in some first-time breast lifts (mastopexy-augmentation), if a woman wants to be a full cup size, like a D or larger, her own natural tissue may not be enough to support an implant of that size. When doing a mastopexy-augmentation in cases of a smaller implant and cup size, Dr. Corey often uses the patient's own chest (perctoralis) muscle as support. However, when a bigger size and implant is desired, a larger space must be created with some release of the muscle, and when that is done, support is lost, and the implant can drop or bottom out. When this happens, patients lose the desired fullness at the top, which is what a well supported implant provides. In these cases of a larger breast lift, Dr. Corey goes right to GalaFLEX 3DR to give that supportive structure that is missing in the patient’s native breast tissue. Remember, loose drooping breast tissue is why patients are seeking a lift in the first place and that tissue alone is not enough to hold an implant uphill!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a GalaFLEX Breast Lift?

Some refer to this as an "Internal Bra" and Dr. Corey actually sutures it to solid structures such as the chest wall and the pectoralis muscle. The implant is then cradled by the GalaFLEX 3DR and held in a more supported and lifted position. Dr. Corey then shapes and re-drapes the breast tissue over the implant as needed. That way, it is not the tissue that is holding the implant up, but rather the GalaFLEX 3DR hammock, and tension and weight are taken off of the healing skin and tissue. In some cases breast drains are placed as well for approximately one week to aid in healing.

What Are the Benefits of a GalaFLEX 3DR Breast Lift?

Compared to a breast lift procedure without the use of GalaFLEX 3DR internal bra, a breast lift procedure that uses GalaFLEX 3DR can provide numerous benefits to your results, including:

  • Reinforcement of soft tissue by acting as an "Internal Bra".
  • Help in holding an implant of any size uphill in corrective failed attempts to do so.
  • Providing a better scar environment by taking weight off of the healing skin.
  • Correction of symmastia, or the breasts coming too close together.
  • Prevention of shifting of the breast implants to the side.
  • An extra layer of support.
  • Avoiding mulitple complications with cosmetic breast procedures and larger breast implants.

Who Is a Candidate for a GalaFLEX 3DR  Breast Lift?

Ideal candidates for an "internal bra" breast lift procedure using GalaFLEX 3DR are adults who are in overall good health, free from underlying health conditions, and non-smokers. Candidates who experience sagging, drooping, or asymmetry with their breasts can benefit from this procedure. You must also be able to maintain realistic expectations regarding results from your breast lift procedure.

If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or have an abnormal mammogram, you may not be a qualified candidate for this procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Corey will examine your situation, medical history, and cosmetic goals to determine if a GalaFLEX 3DR breast lift can help you achieve the appearance you want.

Are There Any Risks with a GalaFLEX 3DR Breast Lift?

While GalaFLEX 3DR "internal bra" breast lifts are safe and effective at achieving natural-looking lifted results, just like any other cosmetic breast procedure, they can still come with several risks. Although rare, these risks include:

  • Seroma
  • Skin necrosis
  • Infection
  • Implant displacement
  • Hematoma
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Capsular contracture
  • Asymmetry
  • Need for revision surgery

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Corey prioritizes patient safety and comfort during each procedure. Experienced in performing cosmetic breast procedures, he will ensure that his approach to your treatment will minimize the risks of complications as much as possible.

How Can I Prepare for a GalaFLEX 3DR Breast Lift?

Preparing for your breast lift procedure with GalaFLEX 3DR ahead of time can help ensure a successful recovery and avoid complications. Before your surgical appointment, we encourage patients to do the following:

  • Consult your doctor about stopping any prescription medications that may interfere with your treatment.
  • Quit smoking at least six weeks before surgery.
  • Try to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep up with good hygiene.
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods.
  • Arrange transportation and aftercare plans with a loved one.

What Is Recovery Like After a GalaFLEX 3DR Breast Lift?

Recovery after a GalaFLEX 3DR internal bra breast lift typically requires patients to take three to seven days off work to fully heal. During this time as noted above, drains may be in place to help your breasts heal. Swelling, pain while moving, and tenderness are common side effects that can be felt during recovery. It can take between six to 12 weeks for the breasts to achieve their final shape.

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