Body Contouring in Scottsdale, AZ


Body contouring surgeon in Phoenix and Chandler AZThese procedures define and sculpt the shape of your body. Loose and sagging skin, and extra fat can be improved with body contouring. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey determines if you are a good candidate in a consultation. He is driven by providing outstanding results.

At our Scottsdale practice, you receive personalized care and individualized attention. Please call us at 480-767-7700 to schedule a consultation.

What is Body Contouring?

The term body contouring refers to any procedure tightening and/or lifting the skin, as well as procedures that smooth out bumps of excess fat.

Dr. Corey performs the following:


Liposuction removes excess fat cells via suction. Dr. Corey most often uses the “Tumescent Techinque” whereby fluid is first infiltrated into the target area, allowed to diffuse into the tissues for a period of 10-15 minutes and removed through a small tube or canula. Liposuction can be used on many areas of the physique.

Tummy Tuck:

Tummy tuck surgery removes the puffy fat and skin on a protruding abdomen. If you are a woman who has been pregnant before, the abdominal muscles overlying your belly may have been stretched and separated by pregnancy. In that case, a tummy tuck includes joining these muscles together to give a more toned appearance to the abdomen.

Mommy Makeover:

Mommy makeover procedures rejuvenate the body and breasts. It is a comprehensive approach to renewing your physique following pregnancy. Many patients express a desire to restore perkier breasts, a tighter tummy and shapely thighs or hips. Discuss with Dr. Corey what you would like to improve. Every procedure he performs is meticulously personalized to the patient.

How Much Do Body Contouring Procedures Cost?

The cost varies. It is one of the things we will determine at your consultation, once you and Dr. Corey have discussed a treatment plan. We do accept financing plans managed by Prosper Healthcare Lending, which you can apply for online.

What is the Recovery from Body Contouring Procedures?

Woman smiling body surgery results in Scottsdale AZAlong with surgery comes downtime. Your recovery period allows your body to heal and bounce back. Rest and relax during this time. We will explain the requirements, such as:

  • Number of days before you can get back to errands and everyday tasks
  • Number of days you should stay home from work
  • When you can resume exercise activity
  • How to shower while protecting your incisions
  • Medications you can take for discomfort
  • Schedule of follow-up appointments
  • Contacting us if you have any concerns or questions

The results of body contouring procedures are long-lasting. These procedures remove excess tissue for good, and in such a way that is not possible with diet and exercise alone. Our patients continue to enjoy their new body shape for the long run. Many times, they feel more motivated than ever to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle when they finally can see a real difference in their results.

Arrange Your Appointment with Dr. Corey

If you have any questions or want to find out if you are a good candidate, please call our practice at 480-767-7700. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey performs body contouring and other comprehensive aesthetic procedures in Scottsdale, Arizona. Guests visit us from across the surrounding areas, including Phoenix, Chandler.