If you haven’t had a chance to meet the other RN in our office I’m here to tell you……make an appointment ASAP! I’m not kidding when I say, I’m addicted to LISA! The woman has changed my life! My skin looks and feels better than it ever has before. I constantly get comments from not only patients and family, but total strangers as well, who all tell me my skin looks so “clean, fresh, and flawless”. And I give them all the same response... “I owe it all to Lisa” and then hand them her card! First of all, she does free consultations in our office, so right there, why not? So I sat down with her and wanted to know what she thought I should do to be “skin healthy”, improve my look, and, in particular, what could she do to make me look younger! She was honest and gave me her expert opinion which I appreciated. She told me what things I could do at home and what things she could do in the office to give me exactly what I wanted without looking “overdone”. We’ve all seen bad examples of that!

It all started with Botox. Every girl needs Botox. I know you may not want to, but you really should. I’m telling you, that is the second thing I’m addicted to, just ask Lisa. I swear if I could I’d have the poor girl putting Botox into my upper face every twenty minutes. But it’s actually like every 4 months. My forehead no longer has any visible lines and I am physically unable to scowl, which my husband appreciates (although I don’t think he takes me serious now when I tell him “no”. He may buy a snowmobile and get a tattoo).

Second, we changed my daily cleansing regimen. Our office sells numerous top of the line products. The one product line in particular that I use and am very fond of is our Skinceutical line. I  love the hydrating B5 gel especially during these dry summer months. The other product that Lisa calls “gold in a bottle” is Skinceutical's Phloretin CF. The Phloretin CF has totally helped correct sun damage, provides a radiant look to my skin, and helps protect against free radicals, and no one likes radicals.  Lisa can also tailor a special regimen to fit your specific needs.

Lastly, to top it all off and complete the project, a little gel filler was added. Smooth gel filler is a wonderful product and has helped put just a little youthful plump in all the right places. Lisa injected Juvederm into my lips and marionette lines (those parentheses that form around our mouths) and it looks so great and so natural. The Juvederm did just enough so I can wear a little more lipstick on my upper lip! The lines around my mouth have smoothed and faded almost completely away. I am so happy I met Lisa. She really makes your beauty her personal interest and desires to see everyone look and feel their greatest.  And it shows…literally!