Nipples Come in All Diferent Sizes...What If You Dont Like Yours?


Corrective nipple/areola surgery is increasingly grabbing the attention of many patients, offering additional benefits to aesthetic breast surgery, such as Augmentation or Lift. More accessible information about the surgical options to correct nipple problems is sparking the curiosity and demand for such operations in patients.

Cosmetic surgery can offer corrections to a variety of nipple/areola issues that women are having such as, inverted nipples, overextended nipples, and large or misshapen areolas. These problems can be both physically painful and in some cases, of long-standing cosmetic concern. There has often been the combination of nipple/areola correction with various breast operations such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a breast lift. But what is catching the attention of women now is the availability of a standalone nipple/areola corrective surgery done under local anesthesia. There are a wide variety of surgical methods that can be used, which include:

Removing a circular band of skin from around the areola in order to make it smaller

Removing a band of skin from the base of the actual nipple, pushing it back into the breast then closing it in place with sutures

Removing fatty tissue from beneath the areola to allow the nipple to sit deeper within the breast.

Nipple/areola correction is not a very invasive operation and can most of the time be performed under local anesthetic in your cosmetic surgeon’s office. In most cases you leave the surgeon’s office with a light bandage over the nipple that cannot be seen through your clothing. Recovering is extremely rapid, patients can return to work the same day as the operation. The “perfect” nipple can mean something different to each individual woman, consulting with your cosmetic surgeon about various surgical options and techniques will bring you one step closer to the breasts you’ve been waiting for.