3 Ways to Improve Your Cleavage


Showing cleavage can make you feel sexier and more feminine. However, not everyone is blessed with a well-defined line between their breasts. From bras to breast surgery, here are three simple ways to enhance your cleavage and embrace those plunging necklines.

Ways to improve cleavage infographic

1. Wear the Right Bra 

Some women need support when it comes to creating cleavage. A sports bra is going to flatten your chest, and a strappy bandeau won’t provide the lift that you desire. 

Instead, reach for push-up bras, which can make your cleavage look more defined. Look for a design that pushes your breasts up and together — a wide back band will also help. Padded bras are another good option that work to elevate your breasts from the sides and bottom. 

2. Close the Gap with Breast Augmentation 

There are limits to what you can achieve with a bra. If your breasts are on the smaller side or separated by a wide gap, it can be difficult to get the cleavage you want. 

In this situation, you might consider getting breast augmentation to bring your breasts closer together. The right implants can create a very natural result with flattering spacing. 

Are you curious about what you can achieve with breast augmentation? View our before and after gallery to see what is possible. You do not have to go very big to enhance your cleavage.

3. Consider Implant Revision Surgery 

It is possible to feel dissatisfied with your cleavage even after breast augmentation. For example, you may find that your implants from a prior surgery may fall into your underarms when you lay down or sit too far apart from each other giving a wide gap in the middle. 

In other cases, your implants may sit too low on your chest and you may not have the upper breast fullness that you want. Implant deflation can also detract from the appearance of your cleavage. Fortunately, there is still a way to make your breast goals a reality. Many women enjoy great results from breast implant revision and replacement that finally meet their expectations.

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