Tumescent Liposuction


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Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey utilizes advanced liposuction techniques to help avoid these complications and to assist our patients in achieving their body contouring goals in the safest and most effective ways possible. During your initial consultation we can discuss our techniques in greater detail to help you choose the one best suited to meet your specific needs.

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Tumescent Fluid

Tumescent liposuction utilizes a fluid comprised of lidocaine, saline, and epinephrine to assist in the complete and comfortable removal of fat. Tumescent fluid:

  • Provides local anesthesia
  • Decreases swelling
  • Reduces impact to surrounding tissue
  • Decreases bleeding risks
  • Reduces bruising
  • Speeds recovery

Tumescent fluids are safe for all liposuction treatment areas and can be of great benefit to patients seeking ideal contours with minimal risks. Dr. Corey would be happy to answer any questions you have about this technique during your liposuction consultation.

Other Liposuction Options

Tumescent liposuction is a wonderful solution for many of our patients, but may not be right for everyone. During your liposuction candidacy consultation, Dr. Corey will evaluate your needs, discuss all of your options, and help you choose whether liposuction is right for your body.

If you are ready to schedule your liposuction consultation, please call board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey at 480-767-7700 today. We welcome patients from Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, and all surrounding areas of Arizona.