Quick Topic Today-Lip Fillers



Quick Topic Today: Lip Fillers

Make my lips look young!


What’s the latest and greatest in lip rejuvenation? It’s Volbella by Allergan. Gone are the days when you could only inject the lips with filler to rejuvenate your mouth. With the addition of this great product, years are taken away by simply filling in the vertical lines around the lips achieving a more youthful appearance.


Volbella is a hyraulanic acid-based gel enhanced with pain killing Lidocaine. Patients report that this product lasts up to a year! You can expect softening of the lip lines and corners of the mouth.


One patient had this to say. “I only had a few lines around my lips but they really bothered me. My lipstick would bleed into them and the slight downturn at the corners of my mouth made me look older. Volbella has been amazing. It took years off of my face. I didn’t want any filler in my lips, but rather was waiting for a product that would address around my lips! This is my favorite filler so far!”


You will numb before your injection. Plan to spend about an hour here and results are immediate!