Why Gummy Bear Implants Are a Popular Pick for Breast Augmentation


Woman in white bra covering her small breast with her handsThere are many choices that you’ll need to make in collaboration with your plastic surgeon as you prepare for breast augmentation. These choices help ensure that your results are exactly what you had in mind, and few are more important than the type of implant you’re going to get.

There continues to be a lot of confusion over the modern silicone or "Gummy Bear" breast implant and what that acutally means! The "original" silicone gel breast implant (which was developed in the early 1960's!) was very different than implants made today. If you took the original implant and cut it in half with big scissors, the silicone gel would leak out like an egg yolk, and you would be left holding two empty rubber silicone sacs. That silicone was more like a syrup. In the mid 2000's a more bonded " form-stable" or "cohesive" type of silicone gel implant was developed, so that if you then split the "modern" implant with scissors, it stayed together in two halves, and the nickname "gummy bear" was born! But honestly, that first "gummy bear" version was more like "Jello"...yes, you can cut it in half but, it's pretty jiggly.. So implant companies, like Allergan, then developed implants with different silicone firmness, with some companies having a Gummy I (like the jello type) all the way to a Gummy III (most firm). In fact, NO implant company today produces the old "syrup" type implants. So when women request "gummy" silicone...well...that's all they make!  "Gummy bear" implants offer many unique advantages that make them a popular choice for breast augmentation, including:

  • Gummy bear implant benefits infographic Better shape retention: The thicker consistency of gummy bear implants allows them to maintain a very natural breast shape, much more than the old "syrup" types. In fact, they closely mimic your natural breast tissue.
  • Less rippling and wrinkling:  Breast implants after all , are a sac filled with gel and can form wrinkles. For most women, these are not an issue and not visible. But when there is inadequate tissue covering the implants, these ripples might be more problematic with the old implants or even with the saline or salt-water implants, which can look and feel a bit "water balloon-ish."  Because gummy bear implants are more resistant to folding, they typically have the lowest incidence of rippling.
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a relatively rare complication that occurs when the normal scar tissue, which forms around all breast implants, contracts and now becomes abnormally firm. Studies suggest that "gummy bear" breast implants have a lower risk of capsular contracture than other implant types.
  • A leak-proof design: Saline implants deflate if they rupture. When that happens, the fluid is safely absorbed by the body, and the breast immediately looks smaller and flat. Meanwhile, the old "syrup" silicone could migrate outside the protective breast capsule, and into the breast tissue. The more sticky cohesive gel found in all "Gummy bear" implants is much more resistant to migration outside the capsule when ruptured, and much easier to remove and replace.
  • A natural look and feel: Going gummy doesn’t mean sacrificing implant softness. The modern "Gummy bear" breast implants provide multiple options for different patient needs and likes  — all with an incredibly natural look and feel!

Learn More About Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Scottsdale 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey has extensive experience with every type of breast implant. Often, his patients are drawn to gummy bear implants because of their benefits.

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