A Short Interview with Dr. Corey


We understand that you have a number of choices when selecting a plastic surgeon in the Scottsdale area. Here, we ask Dr. Corey in his own words to express what he feels sets him apart in this competitive industry

In His Own Words: Why Choose Dr. Corey?

<img alt="If you are looking for an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon in the Scottsdale area, please call John J. Corey, MD at 480-767-7700 and schedule a consultation today" src="/sites/www.doctorcorey.com/files/largedrc.jpg" style="width: 250px; height: 250px; margin-left: 3px; margin-right: 3px; float: left;" />“To be successful in a plastic surgery practice I think it's important to have three qualities. First, you have to be able to make the correct diagnosis and to really hear what the patient is saying. I feel that I have the ability to actively focus on the patient and I have honed, I think, a talent for listening.

My patients tell me all the time that they feel I did what they wanted, and not what I wanted. I also present them with an environment that is so open, friendly and relaxed that they feel very comfortable in telling me exactly what they want and feel.

Second, you have to have a certain eye for things and the ability to see what needs to be done. And third, you need to have trained hands that can perform what is needed from step one and step two.

Additionally, my staff is simply amazing. Employees are an extension of the physician and can make all the difference in the world. My staff is welcoming, never offensive, never defensive, and we all communicate really well. My staff and their positions have been created around what patients NEED and we always have that foremost in mind.

Patients will have contact before they even come into the office for their first appointment with the Patient Coordinator, they will build a relationship with the Front Desk Coordinator, they will have a Patient Liaison to handle all and any needs that arise and then the Clinical Nurse will address any medical needs. All of these women help get the patient from point A to point B as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.

What we have created is a warm environment, meant to put you at ease combined with surgical artistry and expertise.”

To schedule your initial consultation with our board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeon, please contact us today at 480-767-7700 or online at contact John J. Corey. Dr. Corey welcomes patients from all areas of Arizona and across the United States.