Breast Revision


Breast Revision

With advancements in Breast Implants since the 1960's, revision surgeries tend to be common and sometimes complex. Call us for a consultation <strong><a  data-cke-saved-href=Breast Implants having been placed in the early 1960’s we are now seeing more and more women that are either needing or wanting a breast revision surgery. And these revision surgeries can range anywhere to a relatively straight forward exchange of implants, to a more complex procedure requiring multiple stages and very advanced techniques. Older implants may have ruptured needing an evacuation of the old silicone. Hard scar tissue may have formed, also needing removal and on top of which, the patient’s tissues may have now thinned, stretched and drooped! Also many times, records of previous surgery were long ago lost, adding even one more layer of uncertainty and difficulty.

All of these factors add a degree of complexity that go far above and beyond the routine “breast job” still done by many surgeons. This routine nature has at times lulled patients into a false sense of security, enough to pick a doctor that may not have  been even properly trained, and in actuality, is not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at all! This unfortunate scenario adds even one more reason as to the increase I have seen in my practice in Breast Implant Revision Surgery.

The other unfortunate truth is that due to all of the factors mentioned above, most surgeons, even the Board Certified ones, would rather not deal with the hassle and complications found in many breast implant revision cases. If you have had breast implants placed in the past, many Plastic Surgery offices will pre-screen you, discourage you or openly send you away. It can be very difficult even finding a surgeon that provides this type of care. It is important to understand too that while there have been many technological advances in the last few years, with new supportive material and new implants, these also require a degree of learning, skill and experience that can be frustrating to many surgeons. I understand too that a level of frustration can exist for the patient as well, with multiple surgeries already having been done, not to mention the previous expense.

But I have found in over 20 years of practice that these cases can in fact be some of the most challenging yet rewarding. Because of this, specialization in Breast Revision surgery has really become a large part of my practice. Last year alone I performed 10 times the national average in Breast Revision surgery when compared to other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who, like me, specialize only in Cosmetic Surgery. So the good news is that there are so many more options available now for patients and doctors like me, that not only specialize in implant revision surgery, but that actually LIKE it!!!

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