The Rice Test


What is the rice test and does it really work? It is a take home assignment that helps give a woman an approximate idea of what she might look like in clothing with different size breast implants. It is done with knee high nylon stockings, rice (white or brown!), and Sharpy marker and a non-underwire bra. The great thing about it is they can be tried on with all different types of clothing and even worn out of the house for a "trial run"!!!

Using knee-high stockings fill them with rice to the desired amount of cc’s.  Using ziplock baggies is not recommended due to the pointed corners of the bag.  (cc conversions are below).  Once you have them filled, try them on under a sports bra.  The sports bra should not have padding or cups.  The sports bra is helpful because it compresses the rice bags in much like the muscle will compress the real implants.  Keep in mind that although this is a better option than placing an implant into your bra (which gives a very unrealistic view of your outcome), it is not an exact science and will only give you an approximate idea of the amount of cc’s you may want. 

The implants come in increments of 30 cc’s.  Keep in mind that 30 cc’s is equal to about 2 Tbs.  You can combine the measurements below to equal the number of cc’s Dr. Corey has recommended for you.  Don’t worry about being exact.  You can round up to the nearest number.  (i.e.  If Dr. Corey has recommended 300 cc’s you can add 1 cup and ¼ cup which equals 295 cc’s)

Rice conversion:

1 cup = 236 cc

¾ cup = 177 cc

2/3 cup = 156 cc

½ cup = 118 cc

1/3 cup = 78 cc

¼ cup = 59 cc

1/8 cup = 30 cc

Many of our patients have tried this and feel it was very close to their final result.