Variations on Breast Augmentation


For Phoenix women who are dissatisfied with the look, shape or feel of their breasts, a breast augmentation is often an excellent way of addressing their complaints. Some women want to improve the aesthetics nature gave them, while some feel that their natural look was taken from them by age, pregnancy or nursing. Regardless of the motivation, these women can see dramatic improvements from a breast augmentation.

There are many choices you will make about your breast augmentation in consultation with Dr. John J. Corey. One of those choices is the nature of the breast implants you will receive during the procedure. However, there are options beyond the usual saline/silicone choices. A new version of the breast augmentation procedure that utilizes your own body’s fat and the stem cells within presents an intriguing option for women considering a breast augmentation.

Composite Breast Augmentation

In a traditional breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Corey inserts implants of saline or silicone into your breasts from one of three different incision points. This procedure is safe and common, and usually produces the kind of results women are looking for.

However, in a composite breast augmentation, Dr. Corey uses your body’s naturally occurring fat deposits to complement the breast implants. Having removed the fat through a normal liposuction procedure, Dr. Corey can use it to craft a more natural look. The fat also serves to more effectively hide or shield the implant.

The fat Dr. Corey uses is rich in stem cells. As a result, the fat deposits will take well to the new location and blend in nicely.

If you live in the Phoenix area and you’re considering breast augmentation or any other sort of cosmetic surgery, please contact Dr. John J. Corey and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today for more information.