5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Breast Lift


Breast lift

A breast lift is a procedure that removes excess skin and lifts the breast tissue. It’s most often used to address breast ptosis (breast sagging). Breast ptosis is often the result of lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and age. With a breast lift, Dr. Corey at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can lift the breasts and give them a fuller appearance with a breast lift procedure. 

If you’re interested in a breast lift, these are the five things you should know before scheduling your procedure. 

1. A Breast Lift Does Not Increase the Size of Your Breasts

When a breast lift is first performed, the breasts may appear larger due to swelling. A breast lift does not enhance breast size, but it can restore some of their volume, making them seem fuller.

2. Your Breasts May Appear Larger At First

As mentioned, the breasts can appear larger in the first week or two after the procedure, which may be concerning for some patients. Rest assured that their increased size is likely due to swelling following your procedure. It will slowly subside over the following weeks. 

3. Your Results Won’t Be Apparent Immediately

Following your breast lift procedure, swelling and fluid retention can make it difficult to see your results immediately. It may take six to 12 weeks to see the full results of your procedure. The swelling will subside during this time, and your breasts will heal and settle into their new positions. 

4. You Will Have To Wear A Compression Bra After Your Procedure

After your bandages are removed, you must wear a compression bra. This type of bra supports your breasts and hugs them firmly to your chest, relieving strain and aiding in recovery. The amount of time you must wear the compression bra will vary from patient to patient. 

5. Dr. Corey Strives To Ensure Less Visible Scarring

A common concern among patients interested in a breast lift procedure is the amount of scarring. Dr. Corey has a few different types of incisions he uses when performing a breast lift, depending on the goals of the patient. However, each type of incision is strategically designed to reduce their visibility and ensure they can be easily concealed. 

In time, and with proper aftercare, your scarring should subside, and their color should fade into a lighter shade. 

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