Mommy Makeover


What is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Motherhood changes the body in ways that may be resistant to diet and exercise. Pregnancy and nursing can also alter breast shape, symmetry, and volume, further contributing to an overall loose, saggy, and undefined appearance. If you have found your body altered in ways you are uncomfortable with after having children, Chandler plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey can help. Call us at 480-767-7700 to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeover Surgery

Pregnancy can have a tremendous impact on the strength and tone of abdominal muscles. Even women who are athletic and continue to exercise throughout pregnancy may experience a separation of abdominal muscles as the uterus expands. In fact nearly 70% of women experience abdominal separation during pregnancy – and no amount of core strengthening exercises will be fully effective at reconnecting these muscles after the baby is born.

Breast Augmentation and Other Procedures

For many women in and around Mesa, breast augmentation alone can produce the desired results. However, every woman has different needs, and no single procedure is ideal to address each of these concerns, which is why board-certified breast surgeon Dr. John Corey may discuss other procedures in addition to breast augmentation during your initial consultation.

Combining Procedures

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