The Facelift Procedure


As with most of the Scottsdale cosmetic surgery procedures we offer, your facelift will be performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. This allows Dr. Corey to help ensure your absolute comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Once you have been made sufficiently comfortable, Dr. Corey will make your facelift incision. Generally, this incision will run along the hairline and around the ears. If you are also having a neck lift, an additional incision will be made along the chin. In all cases, your incisions are hidden in the natural folds of your skin to help reduce any visible postoperative scarring.

The Lift

Once incisions have been made, Dr. Corey will gently lift skin to access underlying facial tissue. From there, Dr. Corey will reposition underlying muscle and tissue before removing unnecessary skin and closing your incisions.

A facelift can take several hours, particularly when it is combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. This time is necessary to ensure Dr. Corey can take his time to provide you with the most stunning results possible.

If you live in or around Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Arizona and would like more information on facial cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact Dr. John J. Corey, MD to schedule an initial consultation today.