If you are one of these women who are anxious to get back in the gym and exercise after surgery, Dr. Corey will advise you to take it slowly. Directly following any surgical procedure, your body is in a sort of recovery mode. This means it is essential to grant your body the time to adjust and allow the incisions to heal properly.

As you start to feel better, within the first 5-10 days, you may increase your level of activity. While you can’t take up jogging 5 days after your surgery, you should be able to begin walking around and improving your body’s mobility. For breast augmentation patients, Dr. Corey recommends to stay away from any bouncing for 2 weeks. Even walking on a treadmill can account for too much bouncing. We normally recommend walking outside or riding a stationary cycle the first 2 weeks post surgery.

As the days go on and you feel more comfortable with your new frame and the speed of healing, you can begin to slowly increase your physical activity. It’s always important, however, to listen to your body and follow any individual aftercare instructions Dr. Corey gives you. The internal healing takes longer than you think, so it is important that you return to your regular exercise routine slowly and cautiously. When you resume an exercise you have not done in a while, try it in a small dose and see how you feel the next day. If you are sore, you probably pushed yourself too hard. Let your body be your guide to what is the right amount of exercise.