4 Amazing Benefits of a Skin-Only Tummy Tuck


It’s normal to struggle with loose skin on your stomach after weight loss or pregnancy. Not only can it be physically uncomfortable, but it can also keep you from feeling like your most attractive and confident self. The good news is that a skin-only tummy tuck may be all you need to achieve the bikini-ready figure you’ve been dreaming about.

Here are four amazing benefits you can expect from this procedure:

  1. Skin-only tummy tuck before and after Scottsdale, AZThe recovery is relatively fast and comfortable: Unlike a traditional tummy tuck, a skin-only tummy tuck doesn’t involve muscle repair. That means the recovery is usually much quicker and more comfortable. It also means that the ideal candidates for a skin-only tummy tuck already have good muscle tone. That’s something to keep in mind when deciding which surgery is right for you.
  2. Your clothes will fit better: Excess belly skin can really limit your clothing options. You may find yourself gravitating towards high-waisted pants or avoiding tight-fitting jeans that irritate your stomach. After removing loose skin with a skin-only tummy tuck, you’ll find that your clothes fit better and look more flattering.
  3. Your stomach will be flatter: Loose skin tends to form a pooch that sticks out from the stomach. It often has a puckered or wrinkled texture as well. A skin-only tummy tuck pulls everything tight for a flatter and smoother silhouette.
  4. You’ll have a more toned appearance: If you work out regularly, a skin-only tummy tuck can help your hard work shine. It’s also possible to etch a vertical muscle groove above your belly button during the procedure. This extra step can make your ab muscles look much more prominent.

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