What makes a great looking bellybutton?


What makes a great looking bellybutton? Well to quote a famous Supreme Court Justice "We know it when We see  it"!!! A lot has been written lately on ideal shape, size and ratio of an attractive bellybutton but I think it might be best summed up by a Brazilian professor of mine who once told me. "A woman's belly button should be mysterious"! When I asked him what that exactly meant he told me he didn't know and that it was a mystery!!!

But for me when "creating"attractive bellybutton there are a few features I think are important. I try to make a smallish oval that sinks in just a bit, avoiding the big round silver dollar look. with stitch marks. Those are always a dead giveaway and in the best case scenario, the goal for my patients is to walk by in a bikini and  have no one ever know that bellybutton was "man-made"!!!

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