Are Breast Lift Results Permanent?


There are plenty of ways to invest in yourself. However, few of them offer the same rewards as cosmetic surgery. Procedures such as a breast lift are certainly one way to accomplish this, by changing something so personal that you cannot change on your own. But if you do take that step, how long can you expect to enjoy those benefits?

Put simply, breast lift surgery is the most long-lasting way to address sagging and drooping. It certainly surpasses options such as breast lift tape and push-up bras! But it also offers a more dramatic and enduring correction than treatments like creams, lasers, threads, and injectables.

You can generally expect your breast lift results to last for many years. Because excess breast tissue is permanently removed during the procedure, it’s rare for the original degree of sagging to return. Keep in mind, however, that no surgery can prevent natural changes due to aging, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy. That’s why you should take steps to maintain your new look.

Ways To Protect Your Breast Lift Results

It isn’t difficult to help your breast lift results last as long as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Schedule the surgery after having kids: Pregnancy and breastfeeding can significantly impact your breasts. For that reason, it makes sense to have a breast lift after your family is complete. Otherwise, your results could become compromised.
  • Maintain a relatively stable weight: Significant weight fluctuations also take a toll on the shape and position of your breasts. Weight gain puts tension on the breast skin and connective tissues. Subsequent weight loss can emphasize that stretched out breast skin.
  • Wear a supportive and well-fitting bra:  Many women wear the wrong bra size. However, a proper fit is important because it may help to delay some drooping. And many patients think that by getting a breast lift, they will never need to wear a bra again! This, sadly, is not the case. Sure it can be done on occasion (that's why women get the operation) but nothing replaces daily bra use.
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol: Collagen and elastin give your skin youthful structure and resilience. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol can trigger the degradation of these important proteins and lead to early skin aging. 

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