Quick Topic Today: Breast Band


What is this strap across my chest after my breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Recovery in Scottsdale, AZWhen you awake from your surgery, you will have Steri-Strips on your incisions, gauze and tape over your Steri-Strips. You will also have a white Velcro strap across the top of your breasts. Your breasts will feel very tight, swollen and high on your chest. This is all normal and the job of the strap is to help ease the implant down into correct placement and if the implants were placed through the underarm, helps close this area off by applying gentle pressure.

You will wear this strap for four days, but of course may take it off to shower. Some patients swell during the night and the strap may become uncomfortable. You may undo the Velcro and loosen the strap a little bit. Some women report immediate relief from doing that.

For the first four days, after showering, replace the Velcro strap up high and snug (but not painful) across your chest. You will then put a sports bra on top of this. 

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