4 Procedures You Can Add to Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentationTrying to be as efficient as possible with cosmetic procedures is always a great idea. Breast augmentations are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for people looking to enhance their look. If you're going to have a breast augmentation performed, then it's important to consider what procedures you can add to it. Let's look at four procedures you can add to your breast augmentation for a more dramatic transformation.

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are a popular cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate the breast's shape and position by removing loose skin. Loose skin on the breasts can occur after weight loss, post-pregnancy changes, and aging. A breast lift is a great addition to breast augmentation to ensure maximum results. In fact, your surgeon may even recommend adding a breast lift to your procedure to ensure you reach your aesthetic goals, even if you hadn't thought of it prior to your consultation.

Bra Bulge Liposuction

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from underneath the skin and is typically done on stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise. One of those areas is known as the "bra bulge." A bra bulge is where fat has developed around the bra lines. This can typically be found on the upper back, sides of the torso, armpits, and the front of the torso where your core and chest connect. When trying to develop a new look with breast augmentation, you may also decide that removing these bra bulges is part of your transformation.

Nipple Reduction

A nipple reduction is a cosmetic surgery done to improve the appearance of a protruding nipple. Barely noticeable incisions are made, and tissue is removed until a desired shape is reached. A nipple reduction is commonly combined with other treatments for a more profound effect.

Areola Reduction

Similar to a nipple reduction, an areola reduction alters the shape of the areola around the nipple. Areola reductions can be used to correct asymmetry issues, size issues, or puffiness. This is commonly combined with breast augmentation and nipple reductions.

Achieving a New You

Here at Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, we understand that people's aesthetic goals and desires are constantly changing, and we are proud to offer procedures to help them get there. Dr. John J. Corey provides various cosmetic treatments and would be happy to discuss your breast augmentation process. Dr. Corey combines professionalism, expertise, and personalized care to maximize results for every patient. If you're considering breast augmentation, contact Dr. Corey's office at 480-767-7700 today.