Puberty at 40? Adult Acne is Real…and We Want It To Stop.


New statistics show that over 20% of adults experience acne. Advertising and social media promises to clear those stubborn spots with a plethora of products on the market that may help temporarily (or not at all).  So where do we turn for help? 


Let’s start by staying away from the late night infomercials. 


There are many contributing factors to acne including hormonal changes and bacterial growth that could warrant prescription oral medications.  However, the first line treatment for adult acne that also helps with fine lines and wrinkles is Retin-A, or the generic form, tretinoin cream. Retinol creams contain the equivalent of Retin-A mixed with antioxidants and peptides to move the product deeper into the layers of the skin. 


These products come in low doses starting at 0.025% to expedite the skin cell cycle and helps acne by removing oil and dirt from the pores and speeding the healing time once a cyst occurs. These products can cause sensitivity to the sun so sunscreen should be used daily in our Arizona climate.


Skin Medica’s retinol creams are gentle enough for use in teenage years and will not break the bank.  It is used every third night for two to three weeks, then every other night working up to nightly use.  It can be combined with a moisturizer to prevent dryness to the skin. Lastly, research has shown that early retinol use combined with sunscreen can take up to ten years off of your face. 


So what do we do if the acne occurred earlier in our lives and now we have scarring?  The answer is Fraxel 1550.  This is a sub-ablative treatment that puts micro laser beams down into the dermal layer of the skin to produce a repair response.  The body then heals by building up the dermal layer and stimulating collagen and elastin growth.  This fills in the scars from the inside out and is also a beneficial treatment for wrinkles. 


If you have acne please know you are not alone. We are here to help you heal. Call our office today to schedule your skin care consultation. 480-767-7700.