When to Remove and Replace Old Breast Implants


Breast implants are designed to be highly durable and long lasting. In most cases, you should maintain your beautiful results for many years. But like all other medical devices, breast implants will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. For some women, this may take decades. For others, it may happen more quickly.

The most common reason for replacing old breast implants is a leak or rupture. They type of breast implant you have will impact the appearance of your breasts after a rupture. When saline breast implants rupture, they will deflate and the sterile saline solution will be safely absorbed by your body. However, this will create an imbalanced breast appearance that clearly signals it is time to replace your implants.

The cohesive silicone gel used in modern silicone breast implants will maintain their shape in the event of a rupture, making it much more difficult to recognize that it is time to have them replaced. For this reason, it is recommended that you undergo an MRI every few years to make sure your implants have not ruptured.

There are several other reasons why you may choose to replace your breast implants:

  • You are not satisfied with the results initially achieved by your breast augmentation
  • To replace old saline breast implants with more natural looking and feeling silicone breast implants
  • To correct breast implant complications such as capsular contracture

Dr. John Corey has performed many breast augmentation revision surgeries for women in the Scottsdale, Arizona area who wish to replace their old breast implants. He understands the unique issues associated with these revision procedures, and he has the skills to deliver the beautiful, natural looking results you desire.

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