What Are the Qualities of a Good Breast Augmentation Surgeon?


Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of women elect the procedure each year, and Dr. John Corey and our staff feel it's vitally important for each and every patient to find a qualified plastic surgeon. Look for a plastic surgeon who not only has a good bedside manner, but who also possesses the right experience and credentials.

Education, Training and Experience

The surgeon performing your breast augmentation should have all the basic education and training qualifications:

  • Medical education. Obtaining an M.D. (or in some cases, a D.O.) from an accredited Medical School is a must!
  • Specialty training. Medical School is just the start but just as important is attending an accredited residency program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, usually 6-7 years AFTER Medical School!
  • Board certification. Did the plastic surgeon receive certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery? This is an additional step a surgeon takes to demonstrate their experience, expertise and skill in the field.

After graduating from the University of Utah School of Medicine, Dr. Corey completed General Surgery training followed by his plastic surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia. There he met renowned plastic surgeons, including Dr. Renato Saltz, who introduced him to Brazilian concepts of aesthetics and surgical precision. Dr. Corey traveled to Brazil in 1993 to study and train in plastic surgery with some of the greatest Cosmetic Plastic surgeons in the world. His background includes serving as Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Phoenix, and Chief of the Division of Hand Surgery at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. He received his initial certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1995 and has continued with current certification requirements. He has been a faculty member at several learning institutions, including the Osler Institute and Midwestern University.

Communication and Integrity

Your plastic surgeon should be  forthright when discussing risks, benefits, alternatives and other aspects of your potential breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Corey will be very honest and informative , such as unrealistic expectations or underlying health concerns. Plastic surgeons with integrity put your best interest and your safety first. They make sure their recommendations align with what you want and what will be best for you. Dr. Corey openly discusses all of these issues during your consultation. Informed patients are able to make the bestdecisions about breast augmentation, which means  more confidence and happiness  with the results long-term.

Results that can be Demonstrated

Dr. Corey's before-and-after gallery shows you photos of real patients who have undergone breast augmentation. Every woman's body is different, so you cannot expect your results to look like any other woman's results; however, these images show the balance and proportion that is Dr. Corey’s goal in each Breast Augmentation surgery.

Testimonials and Reviews

The experiences of other patients can be a valuable part of your search for a qualified breast augmentation surgeon. Real reviews and testimonials give the women who underwent the procedure a chance to tell their stories, which may include:

  • Assessments of the plastic surgeon's bedside manner
  • Results achieved, such as look, quality and feel
  • Customer service experience with the practice staff
  • The efficiency and safety of the process
  • Whether they would recommend the plastic surgeon and procedure to you

Dr. Corey's patient testimonials, as well as his reviews on Google, RealSelf and Healthgrades, provide you with an inside look at past patient experiences. Dr. Corey and our staff are passionate about the work we do and driven to provide an outstanding patient experience, so these reviews mean a lot to us. 

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