Why Surgical Bootcamp?



Why Surgical Bootcamp?


Surgical Bootcamp is brewing over here in the offices of Dr. Corey. What’s all the hubbub about? Simply put, it’s getting your butt in gear to have a terrific outcome after your Mommy Makeover surgery. But don’t be fooled. It’s so much more.

What we’ve created is something pretty special. It is more of a holistic program that includes evaluation and assessment by certified professionals, planning desired outcomes, goal setting, nutritional guidance and establishment of an exercise regimen, all with the aim of not only completing surgery, but setting a physical and lifestyle change that lasts for years to come. Intrigued? Us too!

Each body is not the same. What works for one in terms of diet and exercise, usually will not work the same for another person. It’s all about finding out what is right for your body type and nutritional needs. How do you bring your body into balance? How do you stop the cravings? How do you bring your weight to a healthy BMI that is considered surgically safe? Our experts spent their educational training honing their skills to determine what works and what doesn’t. Years of training plus hundreds of happy, healthy patients is proof in the pudding…..made with skim milk….

Are you ready to kick it into gear? Time to get that body in prime shape for surgery? Now you have a partner in this game changer called the Mommy Makeover. Getting your body ready for surgery doesn’t have to be boring and lonely. Dr. Corey personally selected experts with the training and personalities to get and keep you motivated. Together, we make a pretty great team to support you through the entire Mommy Makeover transformation.

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