Truthfully, many people want to have plastic surgery to not only boost confidence, look more rejuvenated, appear more youthful, but they also want to feel sexier. So, when is it appropriate after your procedure to “get it on”? The answer is, it depends on the individual and type of surgery, but some common sense applies too.

Immediately after breast implant surgery, there are millions of tiny blood vessels that are trying their best to heal. These new vessel connections are extremely delicate, and even the smallest elevation in heart rate or blood pressure can cause them to break or leak. More disrupted blood vessels means more bruising and swelling, and a longer recovery. It takes about two weeks for these blood vessels to heal, so keep it PG until then!

Plastic Surgery can involve cutting, extraction, and suturing, so you probably will not feel comfortable with physical intimacy until some of the swelling, bruising, and when your body tells you that it is not in significant pain.

Basically, you want to feel recovered, in little to no pain, and have your surgical incisions closed before you get back to your significant other. You do not want to have plastic surgery, and then have a slight separation of your scars due to over-exuberance with your partner. Allowing your incisions to heal is a good indicator of when you will be ready for a return to fun.

Remember the old joke about how do two porcupines have sex? Answer: very carefully! So be a porcupine.