5 Things All Good Breast Augmentation Candidates Have in Common


breast augmentation candidatesWomen decide to get breast augmentation for many different reasons. Our board-certified plastic surgeon recognizes that you have unique motivations for considering this procedure. That said, there are also a few common factors that connect all breast augmentation patients.

Here are five things that all good breast augmentation candidates have in common:

  1. Concerns about breast size: Many women wish their breasts were bigger. For some, their breasts didn’t become as full as they’d hoped during puberty. For others, their breasts shrank due to pregnancy or aging, and they miss the way they used to look. Fortunately, breast augmentation can use implants to address these concerns.
  2. Good physical health: Good health is a prerequisite for all elective surgeries. Your health will set the stage for a safe procedure, a smooth recovery, and beautiful results. Therefore, some medical conditions — such as bleeding disorders — could make you ineligible for breast augmentation.
  3. Realistic expectations: Breast augmentation can do wonders for your figure. However, it has some limitations. It can’t achieve perfect symmetry, increase your breast size beyond what your body can accommodate, or make you look like your favorite celebrity. 
  4. Ample time to recover: Your body will need time to heal after breast augmentation surgery. While everyone recovers at a different pace, you can generally plan on taking a week or two off work and putting strenuous activities on hold for roughly six weeks.
  5. Old enough for implants: Did you know there is an age requirement for breast implants? You have to be at least 18 years old to get saline implants. Meanwhile, the minimum age requirement for silicone implants is 22. These guidelines come from the FDA.

Learn If Breast Augmentation is Right for You

If you are considering breast surgery, it's helpful to understand the traits most breast augmentation patients share. However, you’ll need to meet with a professional to learn if this procedure is right for you. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey can evaluate your candidacy for breast augmentation in Scottsdale, Arizona. Call 480-767-7700 today to schedule a consultation