Candidates for Breast Implant Replacement or Revision


With Breast Implants now reaching almost 40 years old, more and more women are looking into breast Implant revision or replacement. This “Revision” surgery has become a major focus in the practice of Dr. John J. Corey. For years, Dr. Corey has re-directed his surgical practice to focus exclusively on “Body Only Aesthetic Surgery” and breast implant revision is a major part of his practice, performing these surgeries on an almost daily basis.

Almost all breast implants will need some type of revision or replacement over a lifetime and many women have found that when trying to find an experienced surgeon, this is not an area of cosmetic surgery where most Plastic Surgeons concentrate their practice. It requires patience, at times, to sift carefully through what may be a complex history and a team effort to find any past records or information that may help. Putting this all together with a patient interview and exam, and relying on 27 years of experience in practice, provides Dr. Corey the best chance at arriving at the correct diagnosis and then being able to provide to the patient options that best suit her goals and lifestyle.

Breast implant revision infographic

Breast Implant revision or replacement may involve one or all of the following: the implant itself might need to be replaced, the capsule of scar tissue around the implant may need to be  adjusted or removed, or the skin and tissue of the breast may need to be lifted and tightened. The specific patient requests are often related to:

  • Changing breast implant size.
  • Changing implant type to either saline or silicone.
  •  Addressing visible implant wrinkling or rippling
  •  Adjusting the pocket or capsule surrounding the implant, that may be holding the implant in an undesired position or allowing too much movement of the implant.
  • Correcting capsular contracture, in which the scar tissue tightens and constricts the implant, becoming either painful or misshapen.
  • Lifting and tightening breast tissue that has begun to sag or droop away from   the breast implant.
  • Correcting breast asymmetry

You may have other reasons for considering this type of breast procedure and we encourage you to discuss it with Dr. Corey. You deserve to love your results for the long-term, and sometimes results need to be touched up in order to restore your satisfaction with the look and feel of breast implants.

Learn More about Your Options

Dr. Corey can help you decide if breast implant replacement or revision is warranted for the issues you are experiencing. To arrange a consultation with our experienced breast surgeon in Scottsdale, please call our team at 480-767-7700.