Replacing smaller implants with larger ones


Is it difficult for a surgeon to replace smaller Breast Implants with bigger Implants?

Lollipop lift & 325cc Mentor memory gel implants done 3 1/2 months ago. Pre-op was small C cup. Post op am 34 DDD or 32E. To my shock they look very natural. I'm a 5'9, slender ectomorph. Due to wide shoulders, it looks like I can go bigger & still look natural. After 12 mths, are risks of capsular contracture higher with a 2nd surgery? Is it difficult to create a bigger pocket for the implants? ? I don't want to compromise my health & result for bigger boobs which I technically don't 'need'.

Going bigger...How easy?

In most cases it really is not too difficult to go to a bigger implant, especially after 6 months or so when th tissues have relaxed a bit. If going to a larger implant, many times I will open up the capsule to allow for a bigger implant and almost all of the time, it works great. But remember, any time you alter or open the capsule you always run the risk of the capsule beoming hard or changing...But usually, it works great...
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