Choosing the Right Implant Size: How To Balance Aesthetics With Comfort


Breast implantsGetting breast implants is a big decision. Not only can they enhance your overall appearance, but they can also help boost your confidence and improve the way your clothing fits. Considering the importance of this decision, it is essential that you select the right implant size to help you meet your goals. 

Understand the Basics of Implants

In terms of sizing, breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc). This provides more precision, ensuring patients are able to achieve more customized results. The higher the number of cc’s, the larger the breast implant is. 

Balancing Aesthetics With Comfort

Several factors should be considered when selecting your breast implant size.

Think Long-Term

Although you may be tempted to follow current trends in the beauty industry, it is imperative to remember that your breast implants are a long-term commitment. As such, you should plan for results that you want to continue seeing several years down the road. Larger implants may lead to increased sagging and other potential complications, such as back pain and the need for revision surgery. For this reason, you should select a size that ensures comfort and satisfaction.

Consider Your Body Frame

The frame of your body is vital when it comes to determining the right size breast implant. Creating a more harmonized and proportional figure can enhance your overall physique and look more natural.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, larger implants may be problematic. This is especially true if you are a fitness enthusiast or an athlete. Larger implants can interfere with some physical activities, such as jogging, and have a negative impact on your ability to safely and enjoyably engage in these activities. 

It is best for you to discuss your aesthetic goals with our skilled professionals to determine the most appropriate size for you. 

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