How Long Do Implants Take to Drop and Fluff?


“Drop and fluff” is an unofficial term that describes what happens to breast implants after surgery. It refers to the gradual settling process they go through to reach their final position. Learn how this part of your breast augmentation recovery will help create the results you want.

Understanding The Drop and Fluff Process 

Breast implant drop and fluffYou’ll notice that your breast implants sit high on your chest immediately after your procedure. They may also look rounder than you had expected. Don’t worry, they just haven’t dropped and fluffed yet.

“Dropping” refers to the implants moving toward to bottom of the breast and taking on a more natural shape. They get redistributed as surgical swelling subsides and gravity works its magic.

Meanwhile, “fluffing” is the process that happens as your body accommodates your implants. The tissue, skin, and muscle near the implants are usually tight and need some time to relax. As this happens, your breasts will begin to feel softer, and your implants will fill out the lower area.

Breast Implant Drop and Fluff Timeline 

Implants begin to drop and fluff shortly after breast augmentation. For many women, the process takes between three and six months. However, your own experience might be different. 

Several factors can influence the time it takes for implants to drop and fluff. These factors include pre-existing muscle tightness, implant size, and the firmness of your tissue and skin.

Larger implants generally come with a longer dropping and fluffing period, as a rule of thumb. Implants that are placed below the muscle can also take longer than those above the muscle.

You'll see a difference in the appearance of your breasts from week to week. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t judge your final cosmetic outcome until an entire year has passed.

Learn More During a Breast Augmentation Consultation

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey will gladly provide more information about the drop and fluff process. He can also offer suggestions to help speed up implant settling.

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