Getting Your Sexy Back


We see it all the time. Patients return for their three month post op, looking just a little... something…Maybe a little more trim or fit...even a bit more stylish!! It happens time and again that having a little breast shaping or even a tummy tuck seems to help, what one patient called, “getting my sexy back!”


Plastic surgery can be transformational and life changing. Whether it’s correcting asymmetry, filling out breasts after nursing babies or getting back that tummy after pregnancy, oftentimes, it can serve as that well deserved reward for women that are already exercising and yet still unable to gain that final result they are looking for.


“I did crunches and spin class all the time, “ says Shana, one of Dr. Corey’s patients. “I knew my muscles were in there somewhere but you just couldn’t see them. I finally decided to have a tummy tuck and guess what? You can see those muscles! Now, I work out harder than ever.”


Getting in shape through exercise, a healthy controlled diet and a lot of hard work can be one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. And plastic surgery can be a great reward, to help with those areas that just won't change, and can become so discouraging. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss what your ideal image is, realistic expectations and how we can help you attain those goals.