Artist + Perfectionist = The Perfect Plastic Surgeon


Have you ever looked at a really beautiful painting and not only marveled at how the lines and shapes take form to create the subject, but also how the colors mix in just the right way to create something truly breathtaking? To create the perfect piece of art, it takes an artist (to appreciate the potential of what can be) and a perfectionist (to ensure that the end goal is achieved). What if this ideal combination of both artistry and perfection existed in a plastic surgeon? Well, it does, in Dr. John Corey.

You have a choice these days in elective cosmetic surgery. After you’ve done your due diligence and have researched plastic surgeons in your area, you should know who is board certified and who is not. And believe me, board certification matters. By choosing a surgeon that is not board certified, you are allowing someone to operate on you who has not gone through rigorous and extensive training in the field of plastics.

Now, what is your next step? You might book a few consultation appointments with different surgeons. You should have prepared a list of questions for the doctor. But do you know what to look for?

What makes your surgeon stand out? Why should you let him/her do your surgery? What training does your surgeon have and how many of these types of surgeries has he/she done? These are all important factors – as important as feeling a personal connection with your doctor.

The facts are that Dr. Corey has been practicing the art and perfection of plastic surgery for over 23 years. His approach is decidedly unique and blends both American and Brazilian influences.

"Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is definitely challenging because it is not only a combination of art and science but it is a medium in which each "canvas" is different mainly because every patient presents with their own unique physical characteristics and biology, coupled with the mental expectations of each individual and then finally presented in a form for all the world to see,” says Dr. Corey.  “Picking the right surgeon is certainly a decision that should involve quite a bit of homework."

Simply stated, Dr. Corey is a perfectionist. He has a trained eye for beauty and has perfected techniques that will make all the difference for your desired outcome. He makes sure your procedure is done correctly and expertly and he won’t leave the OR until he is perfectly satisfied with the result and believes you will be satisfied as well. While some surgeons can be overly aggressive which can hurt the tissue, Dr. Corey is incredibly gentle. Additionally, he has a special way of suturing the muscle and skin for contouring that is precise and natural looking.

When it comes to breast revisions, Dr. Corey does ten times the national average. These are challenging surgeries, and an expert eye is critical. Oftentimes other surgeons will pull Dr. Corey into their OR to get his advice on difficult cases. His years of experience and thoughtful approach can make the difference between a good outcome and a beautiful outcome.

Look no further. The perfect surgeon is out there, one that has an eye for beauty, technical expertise and years of experience creating beautiful outcomes for his patients. Dr. Corey is your answer.