Meet Doctor Corey!


Meet Dr. Corey!

We mostly know him for being a renowned, Scottsdale, AZ Plastic Surgeon, who is able to combine his talents as a surgeon, with an artistic and unique Brazilian approach to his surgeries. Client after client continue to send rave reviews as well as their close friends and family members, so that they too can experience his approach and achieve optimal satisfaction.

But it’s time to get to know the man behind the worldwide transformations!

Meet Dr. Corey!!

Questions by Chelsea West; answers provided by the man himself!

Where were you born? Las Vegas, Nevada…yes, people are actually born and live in Las Vegas!! Graduated there from Ed. W. Clark High…….go Chargers…

What’s your favorite thing about Arizona/Scottsdale? Climate and location…I love being in the wide open West

What’s your favorite thing about being a Plastic Surgeon? The immediate gratification in making people happy

Who is your role model and why? Marie Curie, the discoverer of Polonium and Radium….just kidding…That is so hard because I think we all have good things about us and the not so good so in a sense, we are all role models, just maybe imperfect ones.

What is your dream vacation? Being near the water

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Being invisible, but only part time…Might not be so great all the time. You would need to be able to control it though…You don’t want that flipping on and off at all the wrong times..

What can you NOT live without? Exclamation marks!!!!! And my Got2b hair pomade….!

Describe a perfect day…Riding the Vespa to work, operating for 8 hours, coming home and showering and heading out all dressed up with the love of my life!

What was your first job? Age 15, at Sunrise Hospital in Vegas, cleaning spit out of breathing treatment devices, which of course, are now disposable…

Most embarrassing moment? I tried stand up one night in …Unbelievably bad…Which is funny because I’m pretty hysterical…No, its’ true…Really!

What are you currently working on? Working on this List

Always….be grateful

Never…be hateful

What’s on your playlist? To me, music is like food and few of us eat the same type of food every day. So I have Beck, Dean Martin, The Hives, Sia, Elbow, The Whitestripes,  The Beatles (my first concert btw…age 7 in Vegas..I have older sisters so my parents took the whole family..Thanks to them, I always win the “What was your first concert” game we play in the OR. My private scrub tech, Sheila? Bobby Sherman…she always loses..

Most embarrassing story? This is really dumb…I was walking down the hallway in High School behind Tina Kuiava, who was this girl who between the summer of junior high and high school transformed herself by getting contacts, new clothes, braces off her teeth, hair coloring etc, into this adorable undiscovered beauty (which I’m sure she always was)..And as I am walking behind her in awe, well aware that she would never give me the time of day, a girl behind me yelled “Hey Tina” in this very high pitched girls voice. Tina spins around, looks directly at me and says, “yes?”…And I was such a skinny, goofy little kid that 10th grade year (well maybe all the grades actually) that to have THE Tina Kuiava think that this high pitched dog whistle came out of me…I turned CRIMSON!!! That’s it…If Tina only knew…Dumb, huh?

When I was younger I wanted to be…A Cardiac Surgeon! Since age 10…I saw an article in Life magazine featuring Ted Dietrich, who oddly enough is here in Phoenix!

Favorite quote?  The entire Gettysburg Address….or.. “Either this man’s dead or my watch has stopped”….Grouch Marx

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be? Napolean Bonaparte…I wonder if he was really that short and I’ve got a few questions for him…

If you were going to a desert island what 3 items would you bring? Girlfriend, nail clippers, Swimsuit (man’s)

Who inspires you? My mother has really been the biggest inspiration in my life. She had the most influence on me and we are still incredibly close and connected.