Before Surgery Boot Camp


Before Surgery Boot Camp

Assessment and Planning

The first part of this begins with evaluation by Dr. Corey. In this consultation the goals of the patient are voiced as to what she is really trying to achieve and why. Is it being bikini ready? Is it being able to wear more fitted clothing? Is it just dealing with loose skin or is it tightening up some of the underlying core structures as well? Is it lifting the breasts or lifting and gaining fullness? Is the patient at a point in their life when there are ready to commit to some major changes?  This is a time when not only can a realistic evaluation be made of the patients goals and what is then possible to achieve through this program, but there may be occasions as well where the patient may not be as far away from their goal as originally thought. It may also be the case where Dr. Corey may feel that to attain the goal the patient has in mind, a better diet and fitness program may be all that is needed!

Goal Setting

We all know that goals not set are just a wish and specific goals with timelines can be established. Many times, it helps breaking things up into smaller segments and progress can be measured often a week at a time. Some patients may want to break up their goals, maybe focusing first on breast work and then more lower body work later. We also find that often patients are able to keep their results over time when goals have been set and achieved and self-discipline established. This is a time where Dr. Corey’s surgical team works closely with the other Boot Camp personnel to monitor those goals and make changes where needed.

Nutritional Guidance

 Proper nutrition is an integral part of the Surgical Boot Camp program because as we all know, it is the keystone to any real fitness gains and no amount of exercise can overcome poor nutrition. We have seen some patients make big changes in their weight by just reducing or eliminating a few really bad “players” from their diet. Nutritionists will help plan, guide and oversee this all important process.

Fitness Regimen

This is a key part as well to the Surgical Boot Camp program. For most patients our preference has been Pilates, since this modality is so good at strengthening core muscle while also targeting specific body areas. This insures that by the time the patient is ready for surgery, deeper structures have been optimally tightened and toned, making the new surgical “outside” a closer match to the “inside”. We certainly understand as well that other fitness programs may be helpful. 

Surgical Planning

When the patient is very near completing their overall benchmarks of diet and fitness, a re-assessment is made so as to finalize a surgical plan, making sure that all has been done to pave the way toward achieving that goal set in the very first meeting and make specific arrangements for surgical care and post-operative recovery. Timelines will be set for returning to normal daily activities, work schedules and fitness re-integration. Help will be enlisted when needed from friends or family, to aid in the process as well… We can now pick dates for surgery and go over all details that are needed to make the dream a reality.

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